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Narrative Essay

A narrative essay gives students an opportunity to reflect into their inner being and speak out their minds in a way that they convey their thoughts and feelings to an audience. A narrative essay requires the students to air their memories and experiences that are lodged in their minds in an interesting way to the audience. However, most students feel that they are short of content when asked to write a narrative essay and thus spend a lot of time at the preliminary stage of coming up with a perfect and interesting piece.

A narrative essay is simply a narration of an occasion just like a story telling episode. It may either be a true story or a creative piece that you have made up. Either way, you must be creative enough to make your narration interesting by adding some incidences that will have the reader get obsessed with reading the whole narrative essay. In these instances, the use of the five senses is very vital in making the essay emotional and arousing sensory feelings. Also, you should showcase the use of language and stylistic devices such as similes, metaphors, and imagery among other devices to arouse the reader’s sensory part.

In every bit of writing the narrative essay, you should keep in mind that your aim is to make your writer have an unforgettable experience when reading the paper. As such, any prospective matter that will be helpful in writing a perfect essay must be ready for use. The language must be lucid, clear, and concise to facilitate essay understanding by the reader. Also, you should ensure that your essay is free from ambiguity and right to the meaning. To ensure this, you must conform to a number of steps that will guarantee an interesting final piece.

The first step is establishing the best and the easiest topic of the narrative essay that will be fun when writing, applicable where no topic provided. If you experience fun when writing, the content of the essay will be delivered to your level best and it will interest the reader. After choosing the topic the next step is to create a list of the resourceful stylistic devices to use in the essay.

The third step is to write an outline of the essay in point form to establish the structure it will take from introduction, to body paragraphs, to the conclusion.

The fourth step entails coming up with a thesis statement of the narrative essay. Remember, the thesis statement must be articulate and clear since it gives the direction and the details of the body paragraphs of the essay. In a narrative essay, a thesis statement somehow gives suspense of what to expect in the body paragraphs to make the reader eager to read the essay content.

The fifth step entails filling the outline with the content outlined in the list of matter and adding some more useful information to complete the essay. After filling the outline with content, you obtain a rough draft of the essay.

The sixth step entails going through the essays and making any correction in grammatical constructions, spelling, and ambiguity. The piece obtained after revision is the final narrative essay.


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