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An informal essay is usually written for leisure. However, this does not mean that an informal essay should not be informative. It should be informative and at the same time persuasive. However, it does not conform to most of the requirements of a formal essay but rather, it aids in expression of an observation, pleasure, opinion, or humor. Its style is relaxed but must retain acceptable structure although the structure is in most cases is flexible than that of a formal essay.

Another characteristic of an informal essay is that it is more personal whereas a formal essay may be personal to some extent, but all the personal opinions must be justified using facts and evidence. Additionally, the writer of an informal essay speaks directly to their readers like they are in a conversation whereas a formal essay writer presents himself as a silent character behind written words. As such, the writer is advised to maintain a sense of their personality when writing an informal essay. The writer should not shy away from use of academic tone, but at the same time should avoid slackness.

An informal essay conforms to the following structure. First, the essay must have an introduction just like any other essay. The introduction gives the direction of the essay by briefing giving a caption of what is expected in the body paragraphs. The introduction must be interesting in a way that will lure the reader to continue reading the body paragraphs of the essay. Remember this is an informal essay and thus, one is free to create some humor in the introduction as a way of luring the reader to continue reading. Also, the writer is highly advised to create an introduction that creates suspense for the reader, a situation that would make them read the whole essay in search of the answer to the suspense. In this case, the suspense becomes a hook to guide the reader into the essay. However, an introduction of an informal essay doesn’t end with a thesis statement like is the case of a formal essay.

The other part of an informal essay is the body paragraphs. The number of paragraphs depends on the required length of the essay. The writer should ensure that every paragraph ends with a suspense that will lure the reader to continue to the next paragraph with a quest of satisfying their curiosity. As such, the language used must be clear and concise. Additionally, the language used should be formal and must follow the required grammatical construction of formal sentences. This is mainly because of the required informative purpose of the essay. For it to be informative, the readers must understand it fully and thus must be free from ambiguity.

The last paragraph is always the conclusion. However, in an informal essay, the conclusion does not reinstate what have been discussed in the essay. Rather, the introduction serves as the climax of the essay by summing up of the issue under discussion. As such, the conclusion must inform the reader that the suspense instances present in the paragraphs have come to an end. Thus, their curious created by the suspense must be attended to by expressing the finality of the discussed situation or situations.

Some topic of an informal essay may include;

  • The most memorable day of my life
  • My favorite color

An Informal Essay on why Wal-Mart should not open Stores in Middledale

The proposal by Wal-Mart Retailers to build a 50,000ft2 retail shop in Middledale town in Ohio is a suicidal move that if successful will cause an economic meltdown of this upcoming town. From all the available literature on the past operations of the retailer, it is clear that the prospected benefit of the proposed expansion is far less than the prospective detriment. There are some reasons why I and my coalition are opposed to this plan. These reasons are driving us to believe that the lives in our small town and our thriving downtown business district are endangered (This is the thesis statement of the informal essay. Although the essay is informal, the thesis statement must be present just like in any other essay. This thesis statement states briefly what the body paragraphs will elucidate on to justify the stated thesis).

The first reason is that Wal-Mart Retailers have a record of being notorious extortionists. The available literature on the Wal-Mart retailers proves that their employees are paid low wages that are below the minimum wages ascribed by federal laws (Jamieson & Knafo, 2013). If allowed to establish their shop in Middledale, it could cost taxpayers of Ohio a lot of finances every year. The minimum wages paid by the retailers to the employees are too little to subscribe to the expensive health plan of the company. As such, the employees will be obliged to rely on social safety programs funded by the government (Heiris, 2013). The persons depending on these employees will also be forced to rely on these social safety programs. Such an occurrence will overburden the government and thus impact negatively on the taxpayers (Mitchell, 2014) (This is the second paragraph of the informal essay. It elucidates the first justification of the thesis statement. Although the essay is informal, the writer is obliged to borrow information from reliable sources to authenticate his or her argument. Whenever the writer borrows from other writers, he or she must acknowledge the sources. This is adequate because an informal essay is academic too and failure to acknowledge other sources amounts to plagiarism).   

An alternative to this problem would be to put up some exhibitions to be rented out to the willing and able people out of the 20,000 occupants of the town. Such an expansive area of 50,000ft2 may accommodate about 50 to 100 small business exhibitions. As such, 50 to 100 residents of the town will become self-employed and might employ some other people such as assistants thus creating more employment. This move would benefit Middledale, the residents in several ways. First, it would provide employment to more residents than Walmart Retailers shop would employ (Edmiston, 2007). Second, the self-employment plan would enable the residents earn much money than the retailers would pay them as their employees (Edmiston, 2007). This way, they can provide for themselves and their dependents. Third, they would earn enough money to enable them subscribe to any health plans for themselves and their dependants thus reducing the burden on the taxpayers (Edmiston, 2007) (This is the third paragraph of the informal essay. In this paragraph, the writer provides an alternative use of the available space rather than using it to set up Wal-Mart Stores. The writer provides three alternative uses in the order of their weight. The writer constantly borrows from other authentic sources aimed to rationalizing the justifications argument).    

The second reason for opposing the establishment of Wal-Mart Retailers Store in Middledale is because they are opposed to their employees joining Workers Unions (Van Auken & Doran, 2002). The move to bar employees from joining the Workers Union is a very barbaric action that dates back to the period before World War Two. This move is intended to prevent employees from realizing their rights to safe working conditions, proportional income, appropriate working hours, and limit access to work leaves Unions (Mitchell, 2014). Such mean moves are a straightforward assertion that the retailers have little to do with the corporate social responsibility and thus would be of little benefit socially. The retailers are just concerned with amassing the greatest share of the economic gains of the town thus endangering the lives of the town residents and the thriving downtown business district. As such, the probable benefits of the proposed expansion are much less than the likely detriment.  For these reasons, I am opposed to proposed Wal-Mart Retailers Store in Middledale, Ohio (This is the fourth paragraph of the informal essay. In this paragraph, the writer presents the second reason for opposing the establishment of Wal-Mart Retailers Store in Middledale as the justification for this adamant opposition. Acknowledging the information borrowed from other sources is vital aimed at maintaining the originality of the informal essay and avoiding plagiarism since the essay is academic is must be submitted through the turn-it-in software. Additionally, the writer concludes the informal essay with one sentence. The sentence is the last one of this fourth paragraph. This is acceptable because the essay is informal).

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